At the docks pas Lammassaari / Helsinki / 10 Apr 2016 / Photo: Jenna Grimley



I teach English, rhetoric, philosophy, and environmentalism at Terra Linda High School (and its Marin School of Environmental Leadership program) in San Rafael, north of the Golden Gate Bridge. 

I was granted a Fulbright Distinguished Award in Finland for the winter and spring of 2016 at the University of Helsinki's Department of Teacher Education to research civic, national, and global identity in Finland, and how it is taught and supported in schools. 

My research and creative work generally concerns the relationship between individuals and various systems - governments, institutions, communities, accepted collective ideologies, etc. I earned a B.A. in Philosophy from San Diego State University, an M.Ed. in Cross-Cultural Education and a single-subject teaching credential from National University, and an M.A. in English Literature from University of California, Irvine.